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Current Prices: Gold Package (Full 3-day attendance inclusive of the 2-Day main conference + Finance/Legal/Technology Day 25th - 27th April) :
Current price for the early booking registrations is €1,695 Euro and includes attendance to the full 3 day Congress Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th April
for one delegate. For 2 - 3 registering delegates the price is €1,525 Euro per person (10% concession). For 4 or more 1,356 Euro (20% concession).

The Silver Package (2-day Main Conference (26th & 27th April) :
The current price for the silver package (2-day attendance) is €1,595 Euro and includes attendance to the 2
6th & 27th of April only. For 2-3 registering
delegates the price per person is € 1,435 Euro (i.e. 10% concession). For 4 or more delegates the price is 1,276 Euro (i.e. 20% concession).
                                                                                              *VAT will be applied as appropriate..
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EuroMed Offshore Oil and Gas 2018 Summit | Online Registration Form
To register between one and four delegates to the 2018 EuroMed Offshore Oil and Gas Summit
please complete the electronic booking form below. Attendee numbers are limited and are
allocated on a first come-first served basis.